How to Rule/Save the World – Part 1 : The Law of Attraction

Tuesday Oct 5, 2010

I’ve been reading an amazing book called, Secrets of the Soil, and I just got to a part describing how the etheric, astral, and mental bodies interact with the physical bodies to create the world that we see and interact with. That got my mind rolling towards how our leaders can so effectively rule the world and how we can reclaim it for ourselves.

The Law of Attraction

There is a fundamental law of the universe called the Law of Attraction, which is often rephrased “Create your own Reality.” The law of attraction has been given much press lately and has found equal amount of resistance. I’m not going to talk too much about it as others have written so much about it, (see Steve Pavlina’s post or google it), but I’ll lay out the basics here because it’s so fundamental and essential towards understanding what’s going on in the world. The law of attraction states that your dominant thoughts get manifested into your life, or that like attracts like. An example of this would be that if you experience anger on a frequent basis, than you will experience angry people and people that make you angry on a frequent basis as well.

Key to this concept is that emotion is the driving force behind the thoughts. The mental body (our intellect) creates the thoughts and the astral body (our emotions) charges up the thoughts with power. So in order to get what you want you have to do two things. You have to both focus on what you want and then charge it with strong emotions. If your mind is sending out mixed signals, perhaps “I want to be wealthy” and “I don’t want to be poor” (which really means “I want to be poor” since our minds don’t understand negatives like “not”), the opposing signals will negate each other. Also you can be completely focused on the positives, but if they are not charged with much emotional energy, they will return back to you in a very weak form.

How to Rule the World

Now let’s presume that you are ruler of a country, high in status, the social elite. Let’s also assume that you want to maintain your life of leisure and ensure your position of power over others. There are many paths available for doing such a thing, and of course all the paths are tightly intertwined, but today let’s discuss the path utilizing the law of attraction. To maintain your position you would want to ensure that the trek of upward mobility through the social classes was as difficult as possible so that all the potential competitors would be busy struggling against challenges rather than struggling with you. One method of achieving this is to create all the obstacles and challenges for everyone. That’s nice, but it’s an awful lot of work. What would be better is if you could get everyone to attract into their own lives all the challenges without having to do all the dirty work.

What we have to do is influence peoples’ thoughts so they experience strong emotions based on fear (fear, anger, sadness, hate, worry, etc.) more frequently and more emotionally charged than thoughts based on love (love, happiness, compassion, etc.). How would we go about doing this? The unconscious mind acts as a tape recorder which records thought patterns when it senses stimuli. We also know that the mind can learn from not only direct experience, but also from indirect experience (like stories or role models in which we can imagine having their experiences). We can also absorb thought patterns merely by being exposed to them (like pretty much all modern advertising e.g. cheeseburgers make people happy).

This gives us several options. The most powerful is through the control of mass media programming. This utilizes the very powerful ability of the human mind to learn though stories as well as by just carpet bombing the mental space with thought patterns and associations that suit our goals. We can make people insecure of themselves by showing how happy the idealized people are and how fat, miserable, and dumb regular people are. We give them role models that have the traits we want them to have. They think it’s just comedy, but we know that they’ll internalize it and then become it. We can help to ensure that the news and other media is predominantly based on violence. By repeated exposures to violent acts, especially heart-wrenching ones, we can get them to believe that other people and the world in general are something to be feared. This is very powerful as everyday experiences become fearful. To enhance this and add even more power to this, we can ensure that the news shows focus on violence. We can have them heavily focus on the highly dramatic events, even though they are of low probability to occur. If need be, we can exaggerate stories to make them more gripping or even stage events to ensure that the media is adequately saturated. We can start wars or other attacks on people to ensure a high level of drama and pain in the world on both sides of the issue.

We can also rig situations, so as to influence the direct experiences of many people in society all at once. Given our ability to restrict the amount of credit available to the population at large, we can increase the financial burdens on society. This causes an increase in fear and pain as needs go unmet or people worry that their needs will go unmet. Companies cut back resulting in increased stress and workload for those that remain, to the point where people settle for “well at least I still have a job.”

How to Save the World

Now let’s imagine that we are real genuine people, tired of being pushed around by the elite. We want to pursue our happiness but not at the expense of others. How do we help build the world we want to live in? We have to become masters of what we co-create, meaning we have to reclaim our personal responsibility over our actions and thus what we attract into our life.

How do we do this?

Filter out the Stuff that Makes You Feel Bad that You Won’t Act On.

The first and most important thing to realize is that you have to stop responding emotionally to the troubles of the world. The media will try and convince you that the world is full of horrible things which you need to be concerned about. People will get sick, lose their jobs, pollute the environment and take advantage of others. If it’s not your mission in life to work on those areas, it’s not important for you to pay attention to. Instead focus on your mission in life, where you can contribute to the betterment of yourself and your community. Filter out of your life all the rest of the stuff you aren’t going to act on. Also realize that being distressed about stuff doesn’t actually solve anything. It only makes you feel bad.

The purpose of pain is to alert you to an area of your life that isn’t working. This allows you to see the contrast of where you currently are and to allow you to determine where you really want to go and how to get there.

Focus on Your Bliss

The second thing to do is to focus on your bliss. Spend all your time doing things that make you happy. For things which you must do, find ways to understand them so that you can be happy while doing them. When you are happy, refine yourself so that your happiness is overflowing and bountiful, so that the happy thought-forms you send out to the world are fully charged and can be returned to you in a noticeable manner. Be selective in how you program your brain. Consume media that fills you with joy and that further charges your passion for life. The stronger your happiness the more it can return to you.

Learn to Love Your Pain

The point of life is learning how to make yourself happy. To do this you have to learn to love yourself (inwards) and others (outwards) in ever increasing amounts. Learn to love in ever greater quantities because happiness is the byproduct of love. Learn to love that which brings you pain, because it is the message which lets you choose pleasure. Pain is a tool to bring you clarity. It is a step to take on your process towards ever greater happiness. More often than not, we dwell in our pain far too long. We play the part of the victim. We think pain is something to endure, rather than the message inspiring us to act, so we never act and the pain never goes away. The Infinite, the Creator, the Universe is the source from which both pleasure and pain originate from. They are both gifts from a kind and loving god to help you choose to become happier. By loving your pain and your challenges as a stepping stone towards your greater goals, you allow yourself to accept the pain (by not repressing it) and you reframe your situation as a necessary step to make the pain obsolete. This helps avoid the dilemma that people have when they attract into their life, more pain, because they’ve spent all their energy focusing on their pain.

Share Your Happiness With The World

Once you’ve found what makes you happy, you’ve got to go out into the world and share your happiness. You can’t just sit at home. Each of us is unique. The things that make us happy are our own unique gifts which the world is expecting us to give. You need to let your happiness become infectious for other people, to the point where they can’t help but smile. You need to find your tribes, so that their happiness infects you and yours infects them, creating an upwards spiral that buffers you in your down times and lifts everyone. You need to be loud enough so that those who are still living small can sufficiently hear you, so that your happiness can infect them and help the light inside of them burn ever brighter. Share with them the tools and techniques for developing their happiness into a raging inferno. Be a role model for others because thats what we are most short of and most in need of.

Some More Resources

While in the process of editing this post, I noticed that two of my favorite people on the Internet posted on similar topics.  Check out Everett Bogue’s post on his blog Far Beyond the Stars.  Also check out Patrick Timpone’s radio show on it on One Radio Network.  Please note that One Radio Network requires you to sign in with a free membership to listen to the radio shows, which is well worth the effort.

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