Minimalism is about Focus

Wednesday Sep 29, 2010

Boundary Waters

A lot of people think that minimalism is about living cheaply and minimizing expenses or getting rid of your stuff. Minimalism is not a negative process though, meaning it’s not about what you don’t want. It’s a process of developing greater understanding of who you are and what makes you happy and surrounding yourself only with the things that truly make you happy. Most of us surround ourselves with so many objects, thinking that we are surrounding ourselves with functionality and value. The true limiting factor, however, is no stuff (or money) but time. Each of our objects demands a certain amount of time from us, both in the process of acquiring it and also a day-to-day cost in using it and maintaining it. What we are really doing when we acquire low value stuff is that we are diluting the quality of how we spend our time. We are acquiring, using, and maintaining objects which don’t bring us happiness or don’t bring us as much happiness as we could have by doing something else. Minimalism is about finding out what makes you happy and focusing only on that and removing all distractions.

Minimalism is one of the foundational pillars of life. It is a practices that all should be participating in. We should teach children minimalism in school, because developing a greater understanding of ourselves and what makes us happy (and then acting of it to actually make ourselves happy) is a key reason we’re here on the planet.

Minimalism is not just about objects though. Minimalism is about how you related with everything in your life, not just objects. You should apply it to your relationships, so that you only have people in your life that bring you deep happiness. You should apply it to the activities in your life, so that you become conscious of how you are spending your time, so you spend less time doing stuff you don’t want and start doing stuff that makes you happy all the time. You should follow your bliss.

Find your happy and focus on it.