Goals for 2010

Thursday Feb 11, 2010

Picture of Flower from my friends wedding

It seems to me that the most fitting subject for my first blog post on this site would be a small discussion on the goals I have for myself for 2010 and the short-term future beyond it. Traditionally, my goals have been less directed as I have been less consciously aware of the direction I have been headed. They have been more intuition based, as if I’ve been pulled in a certain direction. The more I roll around the possibilities of my future, the more concrete my vision of my future becomes. The main themes have been improving my health, figuring out my purpose in life, and developing my career. After almost 3 years, my career has taken its toll on my health. I’m constantly tired and the recent merger and ensuing corporateness has overwhelmed the positive aspects of my position. The workload is overbearing and it’s been wearing on me. That said, this job has had many benefits for me. It’s been a stable income that more than covers my needs, and it has allowed me the room to grow to where I am now. I have figured out my purpose in life and how I can contribute, and it now feels that the more time I spend at my work the less I’m able to spend working on my purpose. So without further ado, here are the most important of my goals for 2010.

The Goals

Doing What I Love and Financial Independence

The heart of my consciousness is focused on establishing the groundwork for financial independence. In figuring out how I can maximize my contribution to the world and how I can get paid for doing what I’m supposed to do and to remove the financial obstacles towards doing so.

  • The most important goal I have is in developing this blog and my competency in blogging. This is to be the base from which I will operate financially and the content on it will be a strong part of the value that I will offer to others. It will be my method of communicating with my tribe.
  • I will complete construction of the winter greenhouse at my mother’s house. This will help build the skills I will use to provide value to the universe.  It will also allow her to reduce the amount of money she spends on food and eat dramatically healthier food in the winter, which is in dire shortage in the winter.
  • I will settle down in the best property for me which will serve as my home and home base.
  • I would like to make my spending more conscious following the techniques laid out in Your Money or your Life.


In order to achieve my goals and fulfill my potential, I need to increase the energy available to me to complete the work which is necessitated of me. In order to help determine the root cause of my lack of energy and further improve my health I plan to:

  • Develop a testing regimen to understand a deeper understanding of how my diet is affecting my health and determine what changes I could make to ensure that my body has all that it needs and that nothing goes missed. At the very minimum I want to start measuring the alkalinity/acidity of my body and perform some sort of mineral tests.
  • Perform a 30 day trial where I adjust my diet to ensure adequate nutrient intake and pH levels as determined in the above goal.
  • Receive a colonic. Many people have raved about its ability to assist the body in cleansing itself. I would like to experience this for myself and see how it works out for me.
  • Experiment with how different foods affect me. I would like to determine if I’m allergic to any foods such as wheat or dairy and eliminate them from my diet.