About this Website:

Northland Phoenix is a website I have created so that I can share my thoughts, passions, and experiences in my attempt to build the life I want for myself out of the mundane ordinary building blocks that I am surrounded with. I want to create and live in a world where people are excited to work, to help others using the unique talents the universe has provided them, and are compensated in fair manner. I want to strip and eliminate from my life those things which clutter my life and hold me back. This blog is dedicated to my mission in life to help liberate people from the mediocre lives that they struggle to free themselves of, to gain personal power, and to help them live more in tune with themselves and the planet as we work together to achieve greatness in all aspects of life.

I hope that this website acts as an antennae to attract those like minds who want to recreate this world into a paradise, so that we can help each other grow into the lives we know we are capable of. I have a deep passion for self-reliance, freedom in all aspects, sustainability, personal responsibility, and respect for others. I hope you benefit from my experiences in a way that enables you to conquer the challenges that you face as we build the world that benefits us all. I hope you feel free to help me build my life and increase my capabilities for dramatic change.

About Me:

As I write this, I have just turned 27 and am presently employed as a mechanical engineer in the medical industry. I am fully convinced that we are in a period in which we are provided the opportunity to see the falsehoods that lie in our lifestyles and to choose to recreate ourselves as a newer, more capable, more beautiful version. I am uniquely gifted in many ways. I have a great balance between left and right brained ways of thinking. I am an easy learner of many areas. I adore grace and beauty and have the desire to create worlds which are beautiful and pleasing to live in. I am a builder, a craftsman, and as such appreciate high levels of quality and attention to detail.

I grew up on a small farm in western Minnesota, went to school for engineering and developed a feel for the urban lifestyle. This blog will undoubtedly carry the flavors of the cold climate I am accustomed to and will wander from between the rural and urban lifestyles I am familiar with. I come from the world of the ordinary, knowing the ordinary life, the one our culture teaches us. I also know that another world exists, one of greatness, one which I will soon be a part of. I have no desire for mediocrity and I have no desire to make the journey by myself. I want great companions when I arrive there and an Earth as beautiful as ever to live in.

May the Universe be kind to you and God bless.

Thank you,

Nathan Maus