The Game of Life: Why We’re Here

Monday Jun 7, 2010

Check out these awesome bocce balls from Michelle’s league play at the Nomad World Pub.

These past couple years, I’ve been exposed to so much information over the Internet that has broadened my perspective of life. Recently, I came across an interview with Ian Crane on One Radio Network which really resonated with what I’ve been feeling lately and inspired me to try and solidify my thoughts on life and why we (or at least me) are here on this planet. So bear with me as I try to make sense out of this and communicate it in some legible manner.

As I was growing up, I was well aware of the homogenizing forces that society places on its individuals that dull us to a uniform state of mediocrity. Society has little understanding for the purpose of life. It is posed as one of life’s eternal mysteries. One that will never be answered. With all the information I’ve absorbed, I feel like I’m in a place where it makes sense why I’m here. I hope you gain something from this whether it be exposure to new ideas, a deeper understanding of me and my motivations, or further solidification of your own view on life.

As a society, we’ve been pushed away from religion and towards science. Religion is no saint and has many flaws, but this movement towards science has resulted in the move towards agnosticism and away from spirituality or a belief in a greater power. There has been discussion that consciousness is a byproduct of evolution. This concept that consciousness springs forth from matter doesn’t feel right to me. Instead, I believe that consciousness comes first, and that from this consciousness matter is created. Another way to say it is I believe we all have souls, and that our souls are bigger than our lives on Earth. Before we are born, we still exist as souls. After we die, we still exist as souls. We choose to inhabit these bodies for our brief existence intentionally and with purpose. One of the main purposes is so that we can have certain experiences that our soul would like to experience that can be most readily accomplished through our time on Earth in a physical format.

Right now, it feels to me, that we are in a unique transitioning period. Before the transition, we are more or less powerless, or more precisely we give a lot of our power away. The result of this is that in many areas of our life, a relatively small amount of people are making decisions for the rest of us that benefit them at our expense. After the transition, we have consciously chosen to reclaim our own power to create for ourselves the lives that we wish to live and the world that we wish to live in. This is the experience that my soul wishes to experience. It is clearly evident by where it drags me and the motivations I intrinsically have. I strongly suspect that the world we live in is setup in such a manner, so as to promote the motivations in large numbers of people to progress through this same transition from a mindset of victimhood and powerlessness to one of power and the ability and desire to consciously create our lives as we see fit.

Let’s briefly examine how we give our power away in a few areas of our lives. In politics our influence on society is reduced to the ability to participate in a political voting system in which only those who are backed by large campaign contributions are able to finish the process. With regards to food, the most readily available forms of food are created by large corporations which are devoid of nutrition and loaded with chemicals. Our education and economy are based on systems which corral people into jobs with bosses and management rather than entrepreneurial businesses. Our legal system is a convoluted mess where only the rich can afford the experts to navigate the system successfully. Our laws are created by lobbyists, through politicians, to strengthen big businesses and eliminate competition.

What happens is that people start experiencing pain-related emotions that are caused by the world/lives they create through their own inaction. They are creating worlds where they are serving others, rather than themselves. This dissonance between what they (un)consciously feel they should be experiencing and what they are actually experiencing creates unsatisfied emotions in a person which drive them to seek out remedies and methods for rectifying their situations. This sets them on the path of personal not-affluent/responsibility in that area of their life.

We are in a period of time where, as a society, we have given away so much of our power to a select few, that as a a society we are causing ourselves the pain necessary to inspire us towards personal responsibility. I feel innately drawn towards living only the best life for me, so I step ever closer towards that. I also feel innately drawn towards helping others live their own lives the best they can. This is a task that none of us can ignore, because deep inside we all want to be surrounded by amazing happy people, and we can only achieve that if we help them to become that rather than pushing others down to try to move ourselves forward. This blog is part of my steps forward on the goal of helping myself and others achieve more and more personal responsibility over the world we are creating. I hope you are willing to support this cause as your own as well.

One thing that I think is interesting, is that even if this worldview isn’t perfect, it is still a worldview that is conducive to getting good results because it is own that is geared towards action and obtaining happiness, rather than staying inactive and receiving what you get.

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